Berlin course 2015-2016.


OPEN CALL FOR COURSE 2015-2016. Berlin

For better understanding of politics of the school you can read sections About school.

Lectures, discussions, practice, analysis, home works, additional activities (drawing, graphics, modeling…).
The group consists of 8 students.

Main topics of the classes:
Technical quality, aesthetics, artistic self-realization. The program starts from basic level, step by step going further through higher levels. In this manner, the process of studying becomes natural. Program is divided into several stages, so that every student could decide when to stop the studies.


Main part

Technical issues:

Equipment (different photo cameras, digital and film technologies);
Technical principles of photography;
Optics (lenses and their capacity);
Light (sunlight, studio light, combined light);
Computer programs: Lightroom, Photoshop;
Additionally – film developing and processing, scanning, etc.

Art issues:

Logical and emotional composition;
Work with space;
Work with forms;
Work with colors;
Work with light;
Work with objects of photography (objects, people, environment);
Genres of photography (portrait, landscapes, still life…)

Creative issues:

Philosophy of photography and its distinction from other forms of art;
Creativity by means of photography;
Motivation, aims and objectives of photography;
Creative search and creative crisis;
Individuality, author’s view and realization;
Development of own photo project;

Additional part

Free communication outside lessons, discussions, consultations;
Art film exhibitions;
Use of studio equipment (processing, developing, scanning, photographing);


Two lessons in a week + individual consultations. 7 months.
Classes are held on working day evenings (the exact day and time will be chosen according to preferences of students) .

Additional part – in one’s spare time with no extra charge, but only for students.


150 euro per month (16 hours + individual consultations).

Must to have for study:
Paper work book / notepad;
Photo camera with manual mode;
Will and readiness.